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PL/SQL Server Pages (PSP)

Executing the PSP through the Browser

The Oracle9i database includes Apache and JServ as part of its standard installation. The default port is 7778, and the URL to access the main page on the local host machine is:


NOTE: On some installations no port is required, just http://localhost.

The localhost in the URL above should be replaced with the server name or the IP address of the remote box containing the database to access the web server on another Oracle machine.

The Oracle HTTP Server web page (Figure 8.3) is displayed with many options.

Choose the mod_plsql configuration menu or access the URL directly:


From the Gateway Configuration Menu, the Gateway Database Access Descriptor Settings is the desired option in order to load the page displayed below in Figure 8.4.

The Data Access Descriptor (DAD) information is specified on this screen. A DAD simply specifies a username and password to use as the connection to the database. This username and password will be used for anyone that specifies this DAD in their URL specification in the browser. It also supports other optional parameters.

From this screen, a DAD named “test” was created that simply pointed to the local database. Now the PSP is loaded in the database and ready to be accessed. Notice the parts of the URL (http://localhost:7778/pls/test/ParmListPSP) in Figure 8.5:

• The base URL - http://localhost:7778
• PLS - Fixed text indicating the desired service – PL/SQL.
• DAD – The data access descriptor that was created, in this case “test”.
• PSP Name – The name of the PSP that was loaded into the database.

Anyone can enter the above URL and the results of the PSP will be displayed in a browser. This simple PSP example queried the database and displayed the instance parameters from the v$parameter view in the web page. The sky is the limit for the developer, since any data within Oracle can be easily displayed in a web browser.

To learn more about these techniques, see the book "Advanced Oracle Utilities: The Definitive Reference". 

You can buy it directly from the publisher and get instant access to the code depot of utilities scripts.




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