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PL/SQL Server Pages (PSP)

Loadpsp Command Line Options

The loadpsp executable contains very few command line options. The replace option allows the existing procedures in the database to be overlaid regardless of the compilation success. This serves the same purpose as CREATE OR REPLACE when creating PL/SQL objects.

PSPs make it very easy for developers to build Web applications utilizing Oracle built-in technology. PSPs offer the capability of specifying input parameters in HTML and including them in the queries sent to the database. Given the popularity of web-based applications, Oracle developers could utilize PSPs as the foundation for any web solution.

Oracle provides utilities, such as loadjava and dropjava that assist developers as well as DBAs. loadjava is used to load Java source or class files into the database to be accessed like any other stored program. dropjava deletes code loaded by loadjava. loadpsp provides a way to load a PL/SQL server page into the database and then access it from a browser. SQLJ offers an alternative to JDBC, and the SQLJ executable converts a SQLJ file to a Java file that can be compiled and executed against the database. In addition, developers who want to make their compiled PL/SQL code encrypted and unreadable can employ the wrap utility.

Also discussed in this chapter, were the very valuable Oracle supplied packages. dbms_profiler provides the only mechanism to benchmark PL/SQL performance on a line-by-line basis. And finally, developers are able to step through stored code by leveraging the dbms_debug package, which provides full debugging capability. The utilization of these utilities should not only be encouraged, but required.

To learn more about these techniques, see the book "Advanced Oracle Utilities: The Definitive Reference". 

You can buy it directly from the publisher and get instant access to the code depot of utilities scripts.




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